Jo Luijten is an award winning LA-based Dutch video artist & video game developer with a predilection for retro graphics and absurdism. He also loves to write "about pages" in the 3rd person.

Most of his videos show what social networking sites and video games might have looked like in the 1980s or 1990s. His videos have received positive press from numerous television shows, radio stations and websites from all over the world, like The Huffington Post, Wired, Time, The Daily Californian, Cnet, Daily Mail, Le Monde, Digital America, Boing Boing, Humo, La Repubblica, Wirtschafts Woche, CNN, Daily News, Herald Sun, IT World, Comedy Central, Yahoo!, Reader's Digest, Abduzeedo, BBC, AOL, WDR, Bright, Taxi, La Gaceta, ITN, NRC, De Standaard, Dashburst and many others.

He made videos for Pilgrim Studios, MTV, 1620 Media, Hotched, the Dutch Veteran's institute, Ranker, and many other companies.

Luijten's videos have been broadcast at the Film Festival of the Technology University Ilmenau in Germany and at the Nighthawk Cinema in New York City as part of the Cinema Selects cinema screening, in collaboration with Daily Motion.

Luijten is married, lives in the United States since 2014 and holds a BA in Dutch Language and Literature and an MA in Communication (doctorandus degree), both obtained from the Utrecht University in the Netherlands.
His videos were shared by several celebrities, like Warwick Davis, who mentioned one of Luijten's videos as one of the 10 best "Tech Sketch Moments", as a part of the Youtube Comedy Week in 2013. George Takei called his video collection "masterful" in 2014.
His work is awarded with a 360 Creative Chair Award & a Youtube Silver Creator Award.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form or leave a voice message using your computer or using a free app. If you would like his services, please send an email with your idea and budget. He will contact you as soon a possible.